What is a logo and how is it designed ?

What is a logo and how is it designed ?

The logo is a visual sign through which companies, commercial establishments, or even a product are recognized. It often consists of a specific symbol, name, or abbreviated letters. It must be drawn and designed by specialists in the field of visual identity design because there are certain criteria for drawing it, but Unfortunately, shapes and graphics have recently appeared that do not meet any of the standards of logo design, as a result of the emergence of simplified tools for the subject of design .

Logo design criteria :

1- Simplicity : Many people think that the logo is a complex drawing or should indicate the field of work they offer, but unfortunately all of them are false beliefs because the logo was created for simplicity and to deliver the marketing message.

2- Quality : when designing the logo, it must be maintained that it clearly contrasts when printing or when it is in black and white because in official conspiracies between companies and institutions it is placed in these two colors

3- Font type : When designing a professional logo, the font that will be designed with it must be taken into account because the font is an important part of the logo to attract people’s attention with it, as it is the reason for the success of designing a professional logo

4- Excellence : What the professional designer seeks is that the logo be designed uniquely so that it is not similar to another logo

5- Colors : Choosing colors is not a random process in logo design, because color consistency is a process that is chosen
Very carefully by designers with scientific knowledge of the color wheel and the extent of the impact of colors on customers because the colors in which the logo will be designed will be the colors of the company's visual identity and the lesson must be known from each color chosen.

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