Our Services

1- Digital Marketing

Everyone should know that digital marketing is not just an advertisement or posts on social media, but unfortunately, this is what people realized about digital marketing companies based on what they saw

Digital marketing service in Marbrnd: When companies and projects come to us with the aim of obtaining a digital marketing service, the first thing we do is a study to find out the position and audience of the company in the labor market, based on the studies carried out by market study specialists in Marbrnd, the marketing plan is drawn up, which includes the marketing strategy appropriate to the market situation, client behavior, and the company's administrative and financial capabilities.

After studying and planning the appropriate strategies, we begin the implementation process of creating a digital presence wherever the target audience is located in order to spread brand awareness through advertising campaigns with the aim of awareness and reach
Which makes your brand known to the customer.
Then start creating interaction with customers by developing specific publications or discounts...To the other types of interaction appropriate to the behavior of the customer.
Also, you will get an inevitable increase in your sales based on our strategies

As we offer advertising campaigns on social media platforms, advertising campaigns on the Google platform and its branches, digital content management, social media management, SEO & SEM, and digital analysis…. 

Know that your sales will not rise as long as it is promoted randomly and not based on ill-thought-out strategies.

2- Graphic Design  

It is important when you meet a client that he must get something from your visual identity to remember you through him, but beware that he gets from you a design that is not attractive and most likely to damage it, so at Marbrnd we are keen to create value and leave a good impact through what is designed.
and There must be a meaningful and high-value logo because your company's logo is the one that will relate to the minds of your customers and reflect the value of what you offer.
You also have to make sure to attract them to your digital presence through unique designs.

Therefore, in Marbrnd, there are designers who are keen on the quality of what they design from a wonderful visual identity, advertising publications, advertising videos, and websites….

3- Web Development

In our time, the website has become the identity of every company, and it is also one of the most important reasons for gaining customers' trust, which indicates the company's digital presence.
Some may think that the address or the social networking pages are sufficient, but this is a wrong concept because in the current era people’s thinking has changed, and the details have become easier, such as the customer entering the site and requesting the goods or services he wants with ease.

As the size of the project increases, its need for systems such as data systems, accounting, management, and other systems increases.

Therefore, there may be a special section in Marbrnd that contains programmers and engineers specialized in this field and provide each of the programming of websites, website management, programming of e-commerce websites, and systems programming…..




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