The 7 most important ads keywords

The 7 most important ads keywords

There are many marketing phrases and words needed by everyone who has a product or trade and wants to market it, and the marketing methods differ from one trade to another as a result of the difference in the target audience for each project, but what the seller or marketer seeks is to attract more customers and convince customers of what he offers of a product or Service This occurs through the use of successful marketing methods.

Before moving on to the most important keywords in marketing, you must determine what feeling you want to convey through your advertisement to the customer, because each marketing word contains a certain feeling such as excellence, safety, happiness ... 


The 7 most important ads keywords :

1- Free : Customers love gifts, so when you put a free gift with a product that you really need, the customer’s desire to buy increases by a very high rate, so make in your advertising campaigns something free to increase your sales.

2- Immediate : Customers prefer everything that is fast, so when using the word “immediate delivery”, immediate results, the customer feels comfortable.

3- Discover : It is considered a smart marketing word that increases the recipient’s curiosity and desire to dig deeper to learn more about the product or company. It is recommended to use this word in advertising campaigns to increase the visitation rate on a website or page.

4- Now : This word is used to rush the customer to take some action, such as continue now, order now .... etc., and this word is often used in transfers to a place.

5- International quality : Everyone wants to get high quality, so when you use this word, buying from you is preferred over your competitors, and it is often used in describing the product or service, but you must be honest with your customers when writing it to gain their trust and return to buy again.

6- Unique : Such a phrase creates a feeling of exclusivity in the customer and is what makes the customer feel that he owns a product or service that no one else owns.

7- Coming soon : It is a marketing word that greatly arouses the curiosity of the customer, which makes him want to know more about the advertisement or about the topic.


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